Solid and Liquid Fats

Most of us learned to identify fat when we see it congealed on the top of soup that has cooled. We have no problem recognizing a piece of butter, or that white stuff around the edges of our steak, as fat. But many people find it difficult to visualize of liquids as fat.

Solid Fats

It is a fact that all oils are fats, but is also important to know that all fats are not oils. Oils are fats that lean to be liquid at room temperature. Both solid and liquid fats act nutritionally as fat. Both oils and fats are present within walnuts and avocados. Whereas you can feel the liquid oil in a pine nut, you cannot divide the oil from the lettuce; they are one. Most of diets do not recommend the utilization of oils extracted from foods and it is recommended to consume foods with oils in them, especially over foods with solid fats in them.

Liquid Fats
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