Safeguard Your Knees

Knees Safeguard

In order to encourage the growth of your muscles, you’re going to have to squat and you cannot avoid that. Natural growth hormone is stored in your legs and is released when you do exercises such as squatting. A lot of athletes and bodybuilders in time have problems with their knees, mostly from the used poundages. The best recommendation is to wrap your knees slowly. The weights enhance the tension on the knees and make them less vulnerable to injury.

A fact is that the tighter your wrap, the more flexible they become, and hence they can permit you to bump up your weight during the exercise. For this reason,it is recommended only a light wrap because, not only is a tight one uncomfortable, but you’re also cheating yourself. As a general rule, wraps should be changed every six months or so. They tend to lose their flexibility after a while.
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