Healthy Nutrition: Turkey and Other Lean Meats

Lean meats represent a classic muscle-building nutrient and their proteins are the base of any solid diet plan. You already know that it takes more energy for your body to assimilate the protein in meat than it does to assimilate carbohydrates or fat, so the more protein you eat, the more calories you burn. Many studies support the idea that high-protein diets promote weight loss. In one study, researchers found that men who replaced protein for 20 percent of their carbohydrates were able to enhance their metabolism and increase the number of calories they burned every day by up to 5 percent.

Among meats, turkey is a quite rare bird. Turkey breast is one of the leanest meats that exist, and it assures nearly one-third of your daily requirements of niacin and vitamin B. Dark meat, on the other hand, has lots of zinc and iron. But if you are roasting a whole turkey for a holiday, for example, avoid self-basting birds, which have been injected with fat.

Beef is a different classic muscle-building protein. It’s the top food source for creatine—the substance the body uses while weight lifting. Beef does have a negative aspect; it contains saturated fats, but some cuts have more than others..It is advisable to wash down that steak with a glass of fat-free milk. Studies shows that calcium may reduce the amount of saturated fat your body soak up.

Lean Meats
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