Workout guide: Wood Chopper

Muscles Involved: abdominals, lower back, glutes, quads
Exercise Description: Assume a wide stance, feet parallel to cable. Shift your body weight onto the foot closest to the cable. Hold one cable in both hands clasped together. Keep your arms in a straight line. Then exhale, and slowly rotate your upper body, pulling the cable diagonally downward to the opposite knee. At the same time bend forward at the hips, and shift your body weight onto the foot farthest from the cable, lowering into a Squat. End with arms straight, legs bent in a Squat position, feet flat on the floor, and back straight. Hold for a beat, then inhale, slowly turning back to the starting position.
Useful Tips and Variations: Keep your wrists firm and unbent, and focus on keeping your arms straight and abs tight.
Wood Chopper
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