Workout Guide: Leg Extension

Muscles Involved: quads
Exercise Description: Set the leg extension station to have your back pressed tightly against the backrest. The shin pad and backrest should be adjustable. The seat pad of the machine should have approximately an inch from the back of your knees, and the shin pad should be placed just above your ankles. Sit down, bend your knees, and slide your legs under the shin pad. Hold on to the handles attached to the seat pad, sit up tall, and draw your belly button inward toward your spine. Exhale, and unbend your legs to lift the ankle bar until your legs are straight. Hold this pose for a beat to get a full contraction in the quad muscles. Slowly lower the weight 90 percent of the way back down. Repeat the routine.
Useful Tips and Variations: Make sure you take the time to bend the machine to fit your body. Don't arch your back to help you lift the weight. Don't let the ankle pad go down to starting pose in between reps-this motion puts too much stress on the knees.
Leg Extensions

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