Silicon Foods

When we consume whole foods from grains, vegetables, legumes, and fruit, there is rarely a problem with inadequate fiber or silicon, a major part of fiber. The milling of bran from grain extracts 90% of the silicon, and close to 100% of the silicon is detached in the refining of sugar. Thus the major dietary supplies of silicon are the unrefined vegetable foods. These foods, taken as a whole, are also exceptional sources of calcium and its cofactors such as magnesium.

For persons who are rebuilding connective tissue and the arterial and skeletal systems, those foods highest in silicon are especially useful: all lettuce, especially the Boston and bib varieties, parsnips, buckwheat, millet, oats, brown rice, dandelion greens, strawberries, celery, cucumber, when silicon is richest in the peel, apricots, and carrots.

Silicon Foods

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