Raw Food Diet Benefits

Raw Food

If you implement a natural diet of raw foods, your body can simply cope with cleansing itself of past toxic accumulations and regularize its weight. Here are some of the benefits of eating raw:

Maximal nutrition: Even those who never doubt the practice of cooking food have to acknowledge that we discard vitamins when we drain our vegetable cooking water. Sadly, vitamins are not the only nutritional subject caused by setting fire to our food. Heating food for any e amount of time above a comfortable eating temperature damages every group of nutrients. Science is only beginning to identify the nutritional damage done by the thermal food preparation.

Detoxification: A major advantage of eating unprocessed raw food is that the body's vital energy is freed up for curing and cleansing. When you stop eating cooked foods, you stop abusing your body at each meal with toxic, dehydrating residue which is so hard to eliminate. When your liver and kidneys are less busy detoxifying you, they are free to keep your system cleaner, providing a healthier body.

Quicker digestion: A proper raw diet gets rid of constipation, and the transit time of waste material shortens to 24 hours or less, eliminating the occurring toxemia. Most people which are on the standard American diet experience this transit during 72 hours or more and in this timeframe food ferments and putrefies inside the body. All these rotting proteins lead to various forms of colon disease, including polyps, colitis, and cancer.

General improved health and energy: Many people on a raw diet perhaps even on high fats content, lose some extra weight and experience clearer sinuses, better sleep, clearer skin, improved breathing, less mucous discharge, increased energy, and heightened mental clarity.
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