Don’t Forget Your Chalk

Gym Chalk

When lifting weights, the phenomena of sweaty palms are unavoidable. Not only can this detract from your lifts, cause you have to re-adjust your grip and thus lose a rep or two by doing that, it can also be dangerous (benching leads to sweaty palms and the bar rolls and can slip out of your grasp. Chalk does not only remove this difficulty of sweaty palms, but it also increases your grip tenfold. While using a proper chalk you may never have to re-adjust your grip. You can’t go wrong with it.

If your gym doesn’t permit you to use chalk, then it would be efficient to talk to the manager about it, or maybe find another gym. Any qualified lifter will tell you that chalk is a important asset. Anybody who denies this clearly has never tried it and has no idea of what they are talking about.

Chalk can either be purchased in a chalk bag at any outdoor shop. The chalk you find in stores is mainly used for mountain climbing. You can also buy your own chalk, smash it up with a hammer, and have chalk dust.
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