Salt: Excess and Insufficiency


Excess salt is known to be the origin of high blood pressure, ulcers and cancer of the stomach, edema, fear, cravings, kidney damage, diminished absorption of nutrients, and calcium deficiency, consequential in weakened bones, nerves, muscles, and heart. Early signs of surplus salt intake are unusual thirst, dark urine and complexion, clenched teeth, and bloodshot eyes. Salt cravings may be an effort to balance:

  • the use of refined salt, or absence of minerals in the body;
  • acidic blood conditions or toxicity (including radiation);
  • chaotic environment;
  • expansive food and drink (alcohol, refined sugar, soft drinks, etc.);
  • weak digestion or low hydrochloric acid secretion; or
  • fear and insecurity.

Insufficient Salt. Symptoms are sometimes seen in those on salt/sodium-restricted diets: diminished power and diminished sex drive, intestinal gas, vomiting, and muscular atrophy. But these symptoms may also arise from many causes other than lack of salt.
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