Female Fitness: Body Brushing

Body Brushing
Body brushing is an effective method of stimulating the lymphatic system and clearing the skin of dead cells which manifest themselves as dry skin. For the best results you should brush your body daily. This procedure is especially useful if you start it than during a detox plan. Body brushes are accessible from most major chemists, and either come with long handles or are held in the hand; their bristles are rather stiff. To body brush, simply apply the brush head tightly to the skin and make small, circular exercises, moving towards the heart. You must always start at the feet, moving upwards until you get to the heart area, then move to the top of the neck and brush downwards to the heart. Take extra care when you reach the gentle breast area. It is usually best to body brush just before you get into the bath or have a shower, and it can be incorporated with many of the body cleansing treatments.
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