Workout Guide: Dead Lift

Muscles Involved: glutes, hamstrings, lower back
Starting Position: Stand with your feet slightly narrower than a shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent or "soft." Hold a barbell in both hands or a dumbbell in each, your palms facing your legs in front of your body, about a shoulder-width apart. Maintain your back straight and your shoulders pulled back.
Exercise Description: Allow your torso to gradually bend forward, and the bar to lower toward the floor. Keep your knees slightly bent and your back flat throughout the whole movement. Lower the bar until your torso is approximately parallel to the ground. From this position, center on your hamstrings, and exhale while slowly lifting your body and the weights back into starting position. Repeat this routine again.
Useful Tips and Variations: Keep your eyes focused forward in order to maintain your back in the suitable position. Don't round your shoulders or bend your knees. Pay attention not to use too much weight. If you do this inaccurately, you can harm your lower back.

Dead Lift
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