Basic Needs for a Good Workout

Bench Press

Basic Requirements:

Bench Press: An absolutely necessary feature! You should get one with wide forks, not the narrow ones where the forks are close to the sides of your head. It should be one that adjusts for inclines is good. Accessories such as leg extensions and squat bars are optional.
Olympic Weight Set: These sets of weights with the large holes are better for your balance and overall durability. Usually you can find this kind of set at the gym.
Training Machine

Optional  Requirements:

Olympic Curl Bars: Great for bicep curls and lying triceps extensions.
Dumbbells for Olympics Plates. They are difficult to find but great to have.
Power Rack: If you plan to do heavy power-lifting movements like squats, then it would be advisable you get one.
Plate Tree: A great place to keep your weights when not in use.

Other  Requirements:

Rugs: It would be efficient to have a heavy-duty rug under your set. That way you don't crack the floor or chip the weights.
Music: Pumping music is very important.
Portable Fan or Heater: If you lift in the basement or garage, then these elements can be an issue.
Posters or mirror: Adds to the general atmosphere.
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